SchoolDistrictU has been specifically developed to meet the needs of school districts.

Affordable. SchoolDistrictU keeps your costs down and your staff productive. With pricing as low as $10 per course per person, it’s easy to begin training immediately! Train on an individual, departmental, or district-wide basis…today!

Proven Learning Management System. SchoolDistrictU is the school district-specific version of U, Inc.’s Learn system. This Learning Management System (LMS) has been used by more than 1,000,000 individuals in more than 14,000 businesses, schools and other organizations across North America. All courses meet SCORM standards.

No additional IT infrastructure required. All programs and data reside on our systems. You don’t have to worry about extra equipment, so you can take care of what’s really important – your students and your staff!

Train anyone, anywhere, anytime. It’s all online. Your staff can train from school or home, anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Large course selection. With more than 50 available courses, the SchoolDistrictU course list makes it easy to find the specific training you need. Check the course list often. New courses are added on a regular basis!

Course information review. Even after studying the course information and passing the quiz, your license allows training information to remain available for one year from the date of purchase. Review the information as often as you like, including any updates.

Employee tracking. Keep track of who has trained, what courses they took, and whether they passed the quizzes, all online. All training data is available at your fingertips. Help your district go green; go paperless!

SchoolDistrictU makes learning easy! Don’t wait. Set up an account in minutes and start training today!