How much does SchoolDistrictU cost?

We are very aware that budgetary concerns are important to every school district, and we’re very pleased to be able to offer SchoolDistrictU as a best-buy choice to meet the training needs of your district personnel.

SchoolDistrictU pricing is based totally on the number of courses purchased, and pricing is clearly displayed. Discounts are also available, based on the amount of training purchased annually. You can purchase any number of annual licenses to any number of courses, one license for each staff member taking the course. If 3 people are assigned to take ABC course at $10/license, and 5 people will take XYZ course at $10/license, your cost will be:

(3x$10) + (5x$10) = $80

There are no hidden costs.

Check our course list often to see exactly what courses are available, as well as the cost per license.

How do we purchase?

By credit card: SchoolDistrictU allows you to purchase courses instantly by credit card, so you can gain access whenever you choose. It’s very easy to set up an account and begin training today.

By check: If your district is purchasing a large quantity of training courses and/or prefers to pay by check, contact us by phone (888-800-9250) or e-mail for answers related to discounts and invoicing options.

By Purchase order: If your district needs to purchase with a PO, please contact us by phone (888-800-9250) or e-mail.

How long does it take to complete a course?

Courses vary in length. Many can be completed in 30 minutes, while others may take several hours. Courses that take longer than 30 minutes are usually divided into multiple modules that can be completed individually.

In addition, the SchoolDistrictU system tracks your progress in each course. If you need to leave a course before you have finished, the system will allow you to come back at any time and either begin the course again or continue where you left off during your previous session. You do not have to complete all of your training in one sitting.

Some of our personnel are not comfortable using online training. Is this a problem?

Although most adults are quite comfortable using computers and web-based applications, this is not always the case. SchoolDistrictU has made online learning extremely easy to understand and use. We have experience providing online education to hundreds of thousands of adult learners in multiple industries who may have had little or no experience using computers or the Internet. Our system is designed to make learning easy for everyone, regardless of their level of technology expertise.

How will we access our e-learning library?

You will receive access codes as soon as you set up your account. You can log into your account from

Setting up an account is free. You will be able to browse through the course library, purchase courses, and give other employees access. They will then be able to log into the e-learning library and train, using their own pass codes…anytime and anywhere they have Internet access.

What software and hardware will we need in order to have our e-learning library up and running?

SchoolDistrictU hosts your e-learning library on our servers. All you need to provide is a computer with Internet access. SchoolDistrictU can run on any speed Internet connection. High-speed Internet is not required to use the system.

How does SchoolDistrictU track our staff’s training progress?

SchoolDistrictU can track all of the following on an individual basis:

  • Quiz scores
  • Date quiz was passed
  • Pass/fail records
  • Course progress by employee
  • Total time spent in a course

After passing a course, employees have the option of printing a certificate of completion that serves as a record that they have successfully completed the training material.

In addition, SchoolDistrictU provides easy-to-use tracking reports for administrators and supervisors. Report data can easily be exported into a CSV, tab delimited, or XML file.